A Successful Collaboration

In 2019, Media Electric Inc. teamed up with BES, an organization that identifies and trains leaders to build excellent charter schools in their communities.

The collaboration was so successful that in 2020, they joined forces again to create a series of short, promotional videos, driven by dynamic motion-graphics.

The Process.

Media Electric got involved early, helping provide guidance for BES' internal video production. BES amassed a wealth of useable footage - including 13 interviews and B-roll across 9 schools.

As the footage was acquired, Media Electric created rough assemblies of each interview, which were then transcribed. BES identified its favorites portions of the transcripts, and Media Electric culled that together into a creative, powerful and instructive documentary, complete with B-Roll, music and graphics. Building off of the longer video, Media Electric then edited the shorter promotional video.

In 2020, BES & Media Electric joined forces again to re-purpose their existing footage to create short social media videos.


If your organization has a library of source footage or images, we have the creativity to turn it into short, compelling videos for the purpose of social media or marketing. It's fast, affordable, and impactful.

If you don't already have existing footage, get in touch with us about our video production capabilities.

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