Leveraging Existing Footage

  • Nov 01 2020

We teamed up again with BES recently, this time to create a series of high-energy, graphics-heavy videos for social media. Leveraging footage from our project with them last year, it was a good project to tackle during the pandemic, as it could be achieved completely remotely for everyone involved.

The process was fast, simple, and effective. It started with the Apply Today video. BES provided an outline of the copy they wanted to appear on-screen, and the types of shots that they wanted to couple with it. Since we were already familiar with the footage, it took no time to find the appropriate B-roll. We found multiple AfterFX packages to present to BES, and they let us know their favorites. In the end, we combined three AfterFX packages, customizing each to fit BES' text. We provided BES with three options for music, showing them a rough cut of the video with each three tracks, so they could determine which they thought worked best with the video.

The Spotlight on Melanie Askew video was less graphics-heavy, so it required a different approach. We went through the transcript from Melanie's interview done in 2019. There was a lot of great material to choose from, but we narrowed it down to a selection of a half dozen passages or so. A clear narrative emerged around Melanie's inspiration to become a leader who provides high-quality education to all families, regardless of color, or where they live. We sent that outline onto BES for their thoughts, and whittled it down even further. The first cut was pretty good, and while BES was pleased, they felt the music wasn't working. Once we realized the piece needed two tracks of music with a transition from one to the other, the piece came together quickly.

If your organization has a library of source footage or images, we have the creativity to turn it into short, compelling videos for the purpose of social media or marketing. It's fast, affordable, and impactful.

If you don't already have existing footage, get in touch with us about our video production capabilities.

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