Media Electric Inc. began in 2002, founded by its President, Jonathan George, who teamed up with long-time collaborator Director/DP James Griebsch. In 2006, Randy Wurster was added to expand production & post-production capabilities. Josh Mackler, long a Media Electric contributor, joined full-time in 2012 to add a motion-graphics perspective.

Jonathan George

  • 30+ years writing, directing, and producing video and interactive media for just about every platform imaginable.
  • Began providing interactive video and instructional design for DEC in 1984.
  • Named Top 100 producer by AV Video & Multimedia Magazine in 1998.
  • Founded Media Electric in 2002.


  • Over 3 decades in film and video production as a DP, Director and Producer.
  • Co-founded Heliotrope Studios in Cambridge.
  • Credits include Nova, Unsolved Mysteries, America's Most Wanted, and many many more.
  • Master of all things mechanical. Fixes and flies planes for fun.


  • AFx animator, makes illustrative and eye-catching motion graphics.
  • Created animations for the Museum of Science Hall of Human Life.
  • Instructional designer. Constructs engaging Storyline eLearning courseware.
  • Graphic designer. Crafts titles, lower thirds, and iconography.
  • Sound designer and foley artist for a feature film.

Randy Wurster

  • Video editor. Over a decade editing professionally.
  • Photographer. Cameraman.
  • Instructional designer using Articulate Storyline.
  • Sound editor for a feature film.


  • Head of security.
  • Entertains clients.
  • Contributes to team morale.
  • Editing skills remain a work in progress.
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